A professional company, my kitchen looks amazing

Stone City remodeled my entire kitchen and it was a really positive experience. They put in full granite slabs, re-did our sinks, put in our cabinets, built a pantry – they did everything. The end results were perfect and I was really happy with the job they did. They knew exactly what they were doing and finished earlier than expected, I have not one single complaint about them. Stone City has true professionals working for them and I would refer them to anybody.   Eric S Aurora CO

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Good people to work with and they always do a good job.

STONE CITY are great, that’s the reason I use them. I’ve been using them for 5 or 7 years something like that and I have used them in several different projects and stuff, so, I’m a returning customer, I use them all the time and I recommend them all the time. They are just good people to work with and they take their time to make sure everybody is happy and they always do a good job.

Steve M. – Aurora, CO

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When I think of Stone City, it leaves with a good impression due to a good experience.

MK at the granite portion of the process did a wonderful job, as well as Claudia. They have good follow through and good customer service. They were good at explaining things. The design center did a great job. I did have a problem with boxes of the tile being broken. It was not necessarily their fault because they order the tile and bring it in from outside. Greg/Gary (can’t remember his name) did call me back after the broken tile situation, but when I called because I needed more tiles, I still haven’t heard back from him so that’s why I gave a four. Other than that, they helped me pick tiles and were pleasant to work with.

The prices seemed good. I didn’t do a ton of checking around but I did a bit compared to Lowe’s and Home Depot and their granite was much less expensive. The prices were overall better than other places that I checked. I did get one bid that was equal after I had already signed up with them, but everyone else was higher. Go there and look. Work with MK. Make sure to check your tiles and pick out the pieces of granite you want to use. I liked the fact that the edges didn’t cost me extra. The installers were pleasant and nice to work with. They were nice guys. I would probably put another coat of whatever the sealer they used. I will probably do that myself now.

Denise M. – Parker, CO

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Overall a wonderful experience from the time I picked out the granite to the time it was installed.

We had our whole kitchen done and we had a lot of counter space so it was a really big project. It was total of three weeks during height business them. We did a lot of shopping around, really looking to find the best and prettiest granite at the best price. What I really liked about them was that their price was lower and they do all the fabrication and installation themselves all within the company. They don’t outsource anything to a subcontractor or anything like that. Everyone was on time, professional, thorough, and courteous. I have already recommended them to somebody who is using them. The installers did a great job.

Richelle F. – Strasburg, CO

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A very positive experience, I am so pleased!

I hired Stone City to be my granite fabricators and they were very professional. Scheduling the appointment was easy and they helped me find the granite that I needed. They provided a no pressure service and I felt comfortable dealing with them and not hassled into buying something that I didn’t want or need.

They showed up on time for our appointment and finished installing my new granite kitchen counter top quicker than I anticipated. It was a great overall experience and we LOVE the way our new counter tops look. They offer a high quality product and really care about their customers.

Donelyn J. – Aurora, CO

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Beautiful cabinets and great prices and selection.

Well I remodeled my kitchen, I left the basic part as the same layout and I redid an area where there used to be a desk. They did a really great job designing the area there that worked with the whole kitchen.

I had cabinets done, I did counter tops in granite, Ii also did a back splash and a bathroom vanity. Scott also recommended we take down the tile around the fireplace and he redid it in travertine and designed the kitchen cabinets to match. The whole thing turned out really, really well.

They were a lot less than anybody I had come out, I think they were about $7,000 less than Home Depot.

Noreen B. – Aurora, CO

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We hired Stone City to do an entire overhaul of our kitchen. We had our kitchen remodeled, had a new backsplash installed, got custom cabinets, and installed granite for our island counters.

And Stone City did great. If we ever had issue, they fixed it immediately. Like if a worker was coming out late, they sent a new worker out immediately. I believe Scott was our rep. He has come out to our house several times to make sure everything was good. He checked in with us, went over all the ordering and adding with us to make sure everything was right, and he was just super good.

The pricing was also actually cheaper than any of the retail markets by several thousands of dollars, and so we ended up saving a lot of money. The quality of work and attentiveness of the people was just far better than anyone we could have used for our remodel.

Stone City was really fantastic. The work done was great. Everything was done really well. And though it was my first time hiring them, my experience with them tells me I would definitely use them again.

Jennifer S. – Aurora, CO

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I would absolutely recommend Stone City

Stone City helped me during the design process during my renovation. I ordered cabinets through them, along with granite and floor tile. I had my own installers but the installers work with Stone City. I’m very happy with the end product.

Donna B. – Littleton, CO

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I couldn’t imagine going any where else. I recommend them and beyond!

I am really pleased with Stone City still and I’ve been dealing with Scott for a while and they really have a great department there. I just have to say that he couldn’t be more helpful, he is just the best and I couldn’t imagine going any where else. It’s a combination of everything what keeps on bringing me back: the price, their communication, they are professional. I would just recommend them and beyond!

Jodi W. – Denver , CO

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Excellent service, great products.

We totally redid our kitchen and Stone City installed new cabinets and granite counter tops and also referred us to a contractor for demolition and paint.

It was our first time using them and they did a good job, there were a couple issues with the contractor but that wasn’t Stone City’s fault. Both the counter tops and cabinets came out great, we couldn’t be happier with them.

Melanie A. – Centennial, CO

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I like my counters so I’m happy!

I was very pleased with the company Stone City because well, first they were gentlemen and polite, so that’s first. They also put my counter in and had to replace one that was broken and they did a great job, what else do I need to say?!

I mean, they were on time and they got finished when they were meant to and the price was okay, a little high for me but you know, compared to others they were pretty fair and I haven’t been with anyone else but I like my counters so I’m happy.

Jeckie P. – Denver, CO

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They’re easy to work with, professional.

I have actually been working with Stone City for about seven years and they are the only ones I use. The guys I work with, including Larry takes good care of me and they come down and do great work.

I $@!#% houses so I use them mostly for kitchen and bath remodeling. They are always timely and professional, I have never had issues with them. Highly recommended.

Jean A. – Aurora, CO

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Professional and high quality material.

We got tile and counter tops and cabinets from Stone City. The service is really good, they did everything to make it a pleasant experience. The quality of people and level of service is very high, we went to them when we redid our kitchen about a year ago and now we are looking to do our bathroom. I have no problem recommending them to others.

Carmel L. – Aurora, CO

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A great experience

Stone City LLC put granite counter tops in two of my bathrooms and my kitchen. They provided excellence service and their prices were very competitive. They arrived in the morning, and it probably took them about five hours to complete the installation. They were on time and cleaned up after themselves. I would highly recommend their work.

Robert R. – Aurora, CO

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I had a positive experience with Stone City LLC. They installed a granite counter-top and sink. Their staff worked really well with me on the sale and the installation. However, the plumber did not install the sink properly, and it took awhile to get him to come out and resolve the problem. Their pricing was competitive, and I would recommend their service.

Susan S. – Inglewood, CO

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Friendly, professional, fast service!

Stone City LLC did my bathroom cabinets. They were on time, very cooperative with scheduling. I like the products they provided, I liked the friendly service, too.

Inna P. – Denver, CO

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Timely, precise, and professional.

Stone City, LCC was very precise. They understood my requirements, and were very professional. They took exact measurements, the installation was clean, and they cleaned up after themselves. The finished job was excellent!

Radha M. – Aurora, CO

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Good experience overall.

This was the first time my wife and I worked with Stone City LLC. They replaced our kitchen countertops. The overall process from start to finish was pretty good. The timeliness of the installation crew was good. They arrived on time and finished on schedule. The cleanup at the end could use improvement. They cleaned the outside of the cabinets well, but left a lot of dust and dirt particles inside the cabinet that my wife ended up having to clean. Other than that, their service was good overall.

Donald H. – Highlands Ranch, CO

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Very satisfied: good workmanship and cleanup; good timing and scheduling. They kept up very well!

Everyone at Stone City LLC took the time for me, since I made many visits. I got to know this company through some friends and had compared them for a while. I did have some rough ideas and quotes of all I wanted. Until this year, I went seriously with the project, so they were not pushy. At no point did I feel pressured; they gave us our space and how it would work out. Towards the end, the granite part was good. The plumber, I wasn’t thrilled with, wasn’t so great. But, he was okay because I wanted someone they hired so it would be better to coordinate and make it work in a timely manner.

Overall, I’m very satisfied of the good workmanship; they cleaned up well after themselves. The store always went ahead to let me know our scheduling, so they were always timely and didn’t kept me waiting.

Praveena P. – Englewood, CO

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My experience with Stone City has been excellent, precise, and always on time!

I recommend Stone City all the time. Every time I go there, they take the time to make sure you know what you want. Most of the time I know what I need and install it myself. When it’s something I need to install for the kitchen, since the appliances are hard to install, I like them to do it for me. If they do the installation, then the customer gets a one year warranty. They usually do quality work and everything turns out perfect.

Go with Larry and let him explain to you what is going on in the industry. He can tell you what trends are going on and tries to work with you if that is something that you would want to keep within five years. They’re great people and they want to work with you!

Steve M. – Aurora, CO

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Great place for counters with great staff

STONE CITY LLC was very approachable and very friendly. We got granite and we did the kitchen counters and our powder rooms. When we saw the slab in the kitchen, we decided to do the bathroom. They were able to use the pieces that weren’t used in the kitchen and use it in the bathroom. They were able to figure out ways to use the whole slab with no waste. They have a lovely selection, but not like a large warehouse. Their selections are prettier and different. The installers were very competent and quick, but one drawback is that they did not do a great job of cleaning up. We had varying opinions about whether we needed to clear out our cupboards before, but I highly recommend that people clean it out before because stuff gets everywhere.

Maria G. – Aurora, CO

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Excellent quality job

STONE CITY LLC did a super excellent job. They helped us with a kitchen remodel. We had new granite and a new sink put in. The people were very professional. When I went there, we explained our project and they showed us a variety of options. We made a selection and they got the work fabricated in a timely fashion. They worked with us on picking a sink. They did the install about two weeks after the order. The guys who did the work were very friendly and they did a very thorough job. It was super quality. I am very appreciative with the quality of their work. I plan to use them for the next project I have. I want to emphasize that I was very satisfied with the company and the job they did for us.

Keith J. – Highlands Ranch, CO

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MK very good service

Quality excellent, service excellent Customer service great. Repeat service, highly recommend.

Ronald C. – Aurora, CO

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A great experience, beginning to end!

My wife and I had heard about Stone City from a friend and decided to check it out. Before going to the store, we went to one of the large, warehouse companies who advertise like crazy on TV. It was an “OK” experience, but the prices seemed a bit high and we were going to have to wait over 8 weeks for the installation.

When we got to Stone City, we IMMEDIATELY felt welcomed and appreciated. As we toured the facility, the feelings just kept getting better! We picked out some stone and we were told it could all get accomplished with a week or two. After a template was made, we returned to the store to help with the lay-out. While there, we were introduced to the Stone City Design Center (just next door) and our sales-lady was equally magnificent…taking some samples from the showroom over to hold them up next to our granite…so very friendly and accommodating!!

Our installers were also professional and the back splash tile was also installed flawlessly.

We love our granite and the back splash- a great, professional job! We never felt better about a retail experience- thanks, Stone City!!

Jim B. – Aurora, CO

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Great product, great final product after installation

We had a bit of a unique situation, as it turned out our cabinets that we salvaged were not level, not even close. The install team was able to help fix this issue as close to perfect as possible to allow for a proper installation. While the entire kitchen was not gutted and remodeled from scratch, you would never know. The Stone City crew did excellent work.

Nathan B. – Centennial, CO

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Experts !

With my Granite Counter top upgrade project, I was looking around for Granite options. After reviewing and shortlisting few shops around, finalized & selected Stone City because 1) Overall Customer Experience 2) Professionalism 3) Granite Variety 4) Value for money 5) Guidance provided to us as first buyers 6) Payment options 7) Prior customer references and I can go on & on.

Post signing the contract, Stone City was fast, within first week had people come over for measurements and next week installed ! The people who came over were professional and did a fantastic job.

My review/recommendation wont be complete without mentioning Babu. From start to end Babu & his team did a thorough, professional work with expert advise all along. Never felt pushed or being forced into do get contract signed. Was provided ample time and Babu made the whole process very personable.

I would highly recommend Stone City for future projects !

Adi M. – Highlands Ranch, CO

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Great service reasonable price

Once again, great service, bathroom tub custom granite surround. Fast and always great prices. Other businesses should take a lesson!

Anthony P. – Centennial, CO

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Great product. Process could have been easier

We ordered new counter tops from Stone City for our kitchen and bathrooms, and although the finished product looks great, I wish the process could have been easier. We had a contractor that was installing the counters and he was supposed to be handling everything with Stone City, but Stone City continued to call us rather than the contractor. Consequently, there were numerous miscommunications which slowed things down and we had to continually change the work schedule. Also, we wanted them to save the inserts from the cutouts, but they didn’t honor that request. But nevertheless, the work was great and we are very happy with how it all turned out.

Neal S. – Aurora, CO

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Good experience

Stone City had a decent selection of stone slabs to look at. I wouldn’t say there was an abundance though. But this made it easier for me to chose, I wasn’t overwhelmed. They were very courteous and friendly.

Paul M. – Parker, CO

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Great work

I have had my kitchen, bathroom countertops done by StoneCity. I am very impressed with the quality of work, material and their service. They discussed all possible options to fit within my budget and got the job done absolutely within the budget. They showed up on time, got the job done and cleaned up the site very well. They were very knowledgeable and addressed my questions/concerns upto my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend StoneCity to my friends and family.

Sri P. – Aurora, CO

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